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Packing list for your trekking trip

Our trekking packing list helps you plan your hiking adventure step-by-step. Whether hiking boots, tents or drinking water treatment - here you will find everything you need for a successful trip through nature. We have also put together other helpful tips for you.

The list is divided into different categories - at the bottom right you can find the packing list as a PDF download ! :-)

Trekking essentials

  • Backpack (55l or 65l) and rain cover

  • tent

  • Sleeping bag (depending on the outside temperature)
  • small pillow
  • Folding chair

  • sunglasses

  • Lighter / flint or similar (depending on skills)

  • (Head) torch

  • Drinking bottle 1l

  • Drinking water treatment (!)

  • If necessary, hydration system for the backpack

Clothes / shoes

  • T-shirts, sweaters

  • Pants (short and long)

  • Underwear, socks

  • swimwear

  • Rain jacket

  • Rain poncho

  • Fleece jacket

  • Kerchief

  • walking boots

  • Adiletten or similar

  • Camera (equipment)

  • mobile

  • Charging cable

  • Power bank

Eating & Cooking

  • Camping cooking set

  • Camping dishes

  • sharp knife / pocket knife

  • Gas cooker

  • Tea towel

  • Washing-up liquid (environmentally friendly)

  • trash bags

  • Tea / instant coffee

  • Granola bars / nuts

  • Apples

  • Snack

Tip at the edge I:

Think carefully beforehand how much luggage you can easily carry over a longer distance, because the trekking adventure should not be a torture after all.

Everything for the cat wash ;-)

  • Toothbrush & paste (environmentally friendly)

  • Shower gel, shampoo (environmentally friendly)

  • quick drying towels
  • Hairbrush & other cosmetics (deodorant, face cream, etc.)

  • toilet paper

  • suncream


Choose a sufficiently warm sleeping bag so that you don't freeze even in rain or cooler temperatures - this can quickly become uncomfortable, we speak from experience ;-)

travel pharmacy

  • Plaster, bandage

  • Disinfectants

  • Painkillers (e.g. Ibu 400)

  • Voltaren

  • Mosquito ointment

Auxiliary utensils


  • Games (e.g. Uno, Kniffel, etc.)

  • book
  • Cord & clothespins


  • Identity card

  • Health insurance card

  • Cash

Download trekking packing list

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