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Anna and Tom from

about us

...and why we started our travel blog and photography!



Hi there!

We're Tom and Anna, and we've been bringing our travel blog,
"What's Home For You," to life since 2021.

And here's how it all began:


After several hectic years in our jobs and pursuing part-time studies, we had planned a 6-month break for 2020. Originally, we wanted to travel through South America, but like many others, our plans were thwarted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Being resourceful and having gained some camping experience during our trekking tour in the Black Forest in the summer of 2019, we quickly changed our plans. We decided to rent a camper for 2 months and travel through Europe (as far as Covid allowed).

Ultimately, we had the best time imaginable: a varied break from the stressful everyday routine, self-determined, flexible, and traveling as a couple in the camper.

This experience made us realize that positive insights can be gained even from challenging situations. For example, an exotic trip isn't always necessary to discover new places. There are wonderful regions within Europe that we might never have visited otherwise.

The experiences and impressions we gathered during our journey can be found under the section "Our Europe Route" and under each country we explored (e.g., Slovakia, Italy, Austria, Slovenia).

... and how it continued afterward:

Since our return, we've been working every free minute on our blog, using our spare time for excursions, short trips, and long-distance travels to regularly introduce you to as many exciting destinations as possible.


... and here's how we've divided the various tasks between us:

Tom from

Tom is primarily responsible for the photos on our blog.

In addition to photography and image editing, Tom also creates videos and short films with his camera and drone for us and our clients.

Furthermore, Tom updates his Instagram account daily with impressions from our travel routine – feel free to check it out! @tom_rbg_

By the way, you can order a selection of our photos through our online shop or inquire via our contact form.

Besides photography, Tom is a passionate sports enthusiast – he follows various sports and is regularly seen at the gym.

Tom, 28

  • Outdoor photographer
  • Nature lover

  • adventurous

Anna is the host of the blog, regularly providing you with exciting travel stories and our monthly newsletter.

Furthermore, Anna establishes intriguing partnerships to propel our blog forward and addresses all inquiries via email or in the comments.

Anna's second major passion is bouldering. In the climbing gym, she clears her mind the fastest and can really push herself to the limit!

With our newsletter, you'll always stay up-to-date, being the first to know what's happening with us and where our next journey will take us – so it's worth subscribing!

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Anna from

Anna, 29

  • certified drone pilot
  • curious

  • hands-on

...the year 2022 and what's coming everything we have coming up in 2023

2022 was certainly one of our most intensive travel years. Next to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, we went to the United Arab Emirates, to Portugal, France, Austria and Germany on the way.

2023 startse already exciting for us: We were there in January Morocco and are also Finnish Lapland traveled. In the summer we were traveling with the camper again: things were going well for us Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro und at the end of the year there is still one toall long-distance journey to - You can look forward to an exciting new route! 


...what you can find on our blog

  • exciting travel destinations and places away from the classic “tourist destinations” in Europe and the world

  • our best Photography tips and great Photo locations all over the world

  • Lots of other helpful information about travel and photography


What's home for you? 

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