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Discover a tale from 1,001 nights in the United Arab Emirates. While pulsating modern cities like Dubai showcase contemporary life, venture off the beaten path to encounter rich traditions, breathtaking desert landscapes, and charming oases.

Embark on our route through the outskirts of Dubai and immerse yourself in the enchanting moments of Arabia!

The United Arab Emirates at a glance:

  • Capital: Abu Dhabi

  • Population: 9.9 million

  • Area: 71,023 km²

  • Population density: 139 inhabitants/km²

  • Official language: Arabic

  • State & Form of government: Federal constitutional monarchy

  • Currency: UAE Dirham (AED)

  • Time difference to Germany: +3:00 h

UAE country outline
Travel topics for the UAE at a glance:
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United Arab Emirates

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