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Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country in Southeast Europe on the Balkan Peninsula, bordered by Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro. Additionally, this small country has a modest coastline along the Adriatic Sea.

In the 1990s, Bosnia was affected by a bloody civil war that left profound scars on the land. The consequences of the war are still visible, but the country has made significant progress, focusing on reconciliation and reconstruction. During a visit to Bosnia, you may encounter remnants of the war, such as damaged buildings, reflecting the historical challenges the nation has faced.

Bosnia at a glance:

  • Capital: Sarajevo

  • Population: approx. 3.27 million

  • Area: 51,197 km²

  • Population density: 69 inhabitants/km²

  • Official language: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian

  • State & Form of government: parliamentary republic

  • Currency: Convertible Mark (KM)

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