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Travel Pharmacy for Vietnam and Safety Guidelines

If you're gearing up for an exciting adventure in Vietnam, it's essential to pack the right medications to stay healthy and prepared. Based on potential risks and challenges you might encounter, we've put together a handy Vietnam travel pharmacy checklist to make planning for your next backpacking journey a breeze.

verschiedene Tabletten und Medikamente auf einem Haufen für Urlaub in Thailand

Of course, this is just our personal recommendation, as the medication needed can vary depending on the country and individual needs. It's also possible that you may require additional medications on-site or can get by with fewer.

However, it's crucial to assemble your travel pharmacy at home ahead of time. Buying medications abroad often carries risks, as you may end up with non-genuine products, even if the packaging looks authentic.

If you need help packing your backpack for Vietnam, check out our Vietnam packing list.

At the end of the article, you'll also find more helpful travel and safety tips for your vacation in Vietnam. Enjoy your trip and stay safe on the road! 🌏🎒


Table of Contents


1. Medications for Nausea, Diarrhea, and Stomach Upset

Traveling to distant countries with different hygiene standards, or experiencing unfamiliar cuisines, can sometimes upset your stomach and take away valuable time for excursions during your vacation.

To avoid this, we never drink tap water, always ensure that bottled water is still sealed when purchasing, and avoid eating unwashed fruits, etc.

For "emergency" situations, we always have the following medications on hand:

2. Medications for Headaches, Fever, and Sore Throat

A long flight in a heavily air-conditioned airplane can sometimes lead to sore throat - it's especially frustrating to get sick before even reaching your destination. That's why we always bring throat lozenges in our carry-on bags for precaution.

Additionally, here are a few more items to consider:

3. Disinfectants, Band-Aids, and Dressing Materials

What we definitely need for every trip are blister plasters. However, we are also always prepared for minor injuries.

4. Sun Protection

In Vietnam, the sun can be quite strong, so good sun protection (sunscreen and headgear) is absolutely essential. This is especially important if you're traveling during the winter months and your skin isn't already tanned!

5. Insect Protection

When traveling to Vietnam, it's essential to protect yourself against insect bites, as they can transmit serious diseases like malaria or dengue fever.

In addition to using specific insect repellent sprays, it's recommended to wear light, long-sleeved clothing in high-risk malaria areas and sleep under a mosquito net.

  • Insect repellent spray containing DEET (e.g., No-Bite*)

  • Optional: Insect repellent spray for clothing (our recommendation*)

  • Optional: Malaria medication (prescription required, consult your doctor in advance)

6. Important Vaccinations for Vietnam

If you're planning a trip to Vietnam, there are several vaccinations that may be advisable depending on your itinerary. Especially if you plan to venture further away from major cities, it's important to ensure you have adequate protection since the nearest hospital might not be nearby.

Before getting vaccinated, it's wise to consult your regular doctor or a travel medicine specialist with your vaccination record. This way, you can determine which vaccinations are most suitable for you.

You may already have some of the vaccinations listed below, so don't be discouraged by the long list.

According to the Tropical Institute, the following vaccinations are recommended for travel to Vietnam:

  • Typhoid vaccination

  • Diphtheria vaccination

  • Hepatitis A and B

  • Tetanus vaccination

  • Japanese Encephalitis

  • Optional: Rabies vaccination

Since there are no vaccinations available for some diseases like malaria, it's especially important to protect yourself from mosquito bites.

7. Other Safety Precautions for Your Trip to Vietnam

Make sure to check the current security situation in the regions of Vietnam you plan to visit before your trip or during your travel planning.

The best way to do this is by visiting the website of the German Federal Foreign Office, as it provides up-to-date information on the security and political situation, potential crime rates, and other risks (such as environmental hazards or similar) in various countries.

Additionally, you can find further information on legal peculiarities and the infrastructure of the respective country.


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