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Finland & Lapland Packing List: Gear for Your Summer Adventure

Finland's summer is pure magic. The midnight sun paints the landscape in hues of gold, inviting lakes and rivers promise refreshing swims, and the vast forests unfold a canvas of endless outdoor adventures.

To ensure your summer escapade in Finland is nothing short of extraordinary, we've crafted the ultimate packing guide. Dive in, and make sure you're ready to embrace the wonders of this captivating season. Let the Finnish summer spellbind you, one checklist item at a time!

Lake and Boat in Finland


Table of Content


1. Unlocking the Finnish Summer: What's the Weather Like?

Curious about the summer vibes in Finland? Well, the temperatures can dance to their own beat depending on the region and the month. Generally, average temperatures from June to August range between 15°C and 25°C.

Lake House Finland

Let's break it down with some examples of average temperatures in a few Finnish cities during the summer:

  • Helsinki: Chilling between 15°C and 20°C throughout June, July, and August.

  • Rovaniemi (Lapland): June sees temperatures around 12°C to 18°C, while July and August sway between 15°C and 20°C.

  • Tampere: In June, temperatures groove between 13°C and 20°C, and July and August bring the heat, hitting roughly 16°C to 22°C.

Keep in mind, Finland's weather can be a bit of a free spirit. You might encounter sunny and warm days or cooler, rainy ones. So, it's wise to prepare for various weather conditions when venturing into the Finnish summer.

2. Preparing for Lapland: Essential Travel Info Before Diving into the Packing List

Before we dive into the packing list, let's equip you with some crucial information to ensure you're ready for your snow adventure.

Travel Documents and Currency

Finnish Lapland is part of the EU, so your ID card is sufficient for entry. Euro is the currency in Lapland, making transactions seamless without the need for currency exchange and saving you from conversion fees. Card payments are widely accepted, so we suggest not carrying too much cash. If you plan to ride a snowmobile, an international driver's license is required.

Here's a quick overview of the essential documents:

  • ID card or passport

  • Wallet

  • Debit card

  • Credit card

  • Health insurance card / Travel insurance

  • Cash

  • International driver's license

Luggage Regulations & Weight Limits

When flying to Lapland, you'll likely choose Finnair. They allow 23 kg of checked baggage, a handy option considering winter clothing takes up space. For a week in Lapland, a large suitcase for two people might suffice.

In addition to checked baggage, you can bring hand luggage weighing up to 8 kg and measuring 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm. We usually pack our camera gear in our carry-on, and we'll share how to manage that below.

3. Summer Wardrobe Essentials for Finland: Clothing and Gear Tips

Given the unpredictable weather of Finnish summer, it's crucial to be prepared for various scenarios and pack your luggage accordingly.

Light Attire for Warm Days:

  • T-Shirts: Pack several lightweight T-shirts for comfort on hot days.

  • Shorts or Skirts: Comfortable shorts or skirts are perfect for the warmer days.

  • Light Blouses or Shirts: Loose-fitting garments keep you cool and provide sun protection.

  • Sun Hat or Cap: A hat shields your face from the intense summer sun.

Lake in Finland

Sun Protection and Skincare:

  • High SPF Sunscreen: Protect your skin from the strong UV rays of the midnight sun.

  • Sunglasses: A good pair not only shields your eyes but also adds a stylish touch.

  • After-Sun Lotion: Just in case you get a bit too much sun.

Comfortable Footwear:

  • Lightweight Hiking Shoes or Sneakers: Ideal for nature walks and light hikes.

  • Sandals or Flip-Flops: Comfortable footwear for relaxed days by the lake.


  • Swimsuit, Bikini, or Swim Trunks: You'll undoubtedly enjoy swimming in the clear lakes and rivers of Finland.

Rain and Weather Protection:

  • Lightweight Rain Jacket and Poncho: Weather can be unpredictable even in summer, so it's wise to have adequate rain protection.

  • Light Jacket or Sweater: Even in summer, evenings can get cool, so having an extra layer is beneficial.

Picnic and Outdoor Essentials:

  • Picnic Blanket: Perfect for a relaxing picnic in nature.

  • Water Bottle: Stay hydrated while exploring the beauty of Finland.

  • Snacks and Provisions: Prepared snacks come in handy for longer excursions and save your budget.

Insect Protection:

  • Insect Repellent: Keep annoying insects at bay, especially in the woods and during hikes. Tips on how to protect yourself from mosquitoes can be found a bit further down in the post.

Camera and Tech Essentials

By the way, you can find a detailed list of our camera gear here.

Outdoor Gear Essentials:

  • Backpack: A comfortable backpack is ideal for carrying your essentials on day trips.

  • Hiking Map or GPS: Reliable navigation is essential when planning hikes.

Camping Equipment (if relevant):

  • Tent: If camping is on the agenda, don't forget your tent and all necessary accessories.

  • Sleeping Bag and Sleeping Pad: Comfortable gear for a restful night outdoors.

Activity-Specific Gear:

  • Bicycle: Finland offers fantastic cycling trails and routes.

  • Fishing Gear: If fishing is your plan, bring your fishing rod and equipment.

  • Water Sports Equipment: If you enjoy water sports, bring your kayak or paddleboard.

Environmentally Friendly Products:

  • Reusable Shopping Bag: Reduce plastic waste by bringing a reusable bag for shopping.

Emergency Equipment:

  • First Aid Kit: For minor injuries and inconveniences.

  • Flashlight: Helpful for nighttime excursions or emergencies.

With our summer packing list for Finland, you'll be well-prepared to explore the unique beauty of the country and enjoy a variety of activities! Remember that weather conditions can change, so flexibility in packing is crucial. Enjoy the breathtaking nature, cultural experiences, and unforgettable adventures during your summer journey in this wonderful land!

4. Tips for Dealing with Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can be bothersome in the Finnish summer, especially in areas with many lakes and wetlands. Here are some tips to protect yourself from mosquito bites:

Clothing: Wear long-sleeved clothing and long pants to cover your skin as much as possible. Light-colored clothing may be less attractive to mosquitoes.

Mosquito Repellent: Use an effective mosquito repellent on exposed skin. Ensure that the repellent contains DEET or Icaridin, as these ingredients are particularly effective. We can recommend this repellent.

Mosquito bites human

Avoid Fragrances: Perfumes, scented soaps, and lotions can attract mosquitoes. Try to avoid such products when in mosquito-prone areas.

Smoke and Candles: Mosquitoes dislike smoke and certain scents. Use smoke-free mosquito repellent candles or incense to keep the area mosquito-free.#

Evening Activities: Mosquitoes are often most active in the evening. Try to plan outdoor activities in the morning or during the day to avoid mosquito bites.

Insect Protection for Accommodations: Ensure that your accommodation has good window and door screens to keep mosquitoes out. Alternatively, we recommend bringing a mosquito plug-in - it's a must-have for us in every vacation.

Natural Remedies: Some natural remedies, such as essential oils (e.g., lemon eucalyptus oil), can also repel mosquitoes. They may not be as potent as DEET, but they are a good alternative for those who prefer natural solutions.

Patience and Serenity: Mosquitoes are often a part of the Finnish summer. Try to stay calm and not let them stress you too much.


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