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First Aid Kit for South America

Updated: Jan 17

What medications should you take with you on your South America vacation? Based on possible risks and dangers, we've put together a South America first aid kit for you to make planning your next backpacking adventure a little easier.

First aid kit for south america

Of course, this is only our recommendation, you get along - depending on the country - perhaps with less. However, it is important that you compile the first-aid kit at home in good time, because buying medicines abroad often involves the risk that they are not avaliable or perhaps not the original medicines.

1. Medicines for nausea, diarrhea and stomach problems

A trip to distant countries with different hygiene standards than in your home country or a cuisine that is unusual for us can quickly upset the stomach on vacation. To avoid this, it is best not to drink tap water, not to eat unwashed fruit, etc.

In case of an "emergency", we always have the following medications on hand:

2. Medicines for headache, fever and sore throat

A long flight in a heavily air-conditioned plane can lead to a sore throat - before you've even arrived at your vacation destination. That's why we always take lozenges with us as a precaution.

In addition, you should also remember to have the following medicine at hand:

3. Disinfection, plasters and bandages

What we definitely need on every trip are blister plasters. However, we are also always prepared for minor injuries.

4. Sun protection

The sun is relatively strong in some parts of South America, so good sun protection (sunscreen and headgear) is essential.

5. Insect protection

When traveling to South America, it is very important to protect yourself from insect bites, as these can transmit serious diseases such as malaria or dengue fever.

In addition to special sprays, it is recommended to wear light-colored, long-sleeved clothing and to sleep under a mosquito net in areas such as the Amazon. Nowadays, there is also mosquito-repellent clothing available (for men/women), which is super convenient.

  • Insect spray with active ingredient Deet (e.g. "No-Bite")

  • if necessary insect repellent spray for clothing

  • if necessary malaria medication (only available on prescription, prior clarification with doctor necessary)

6. Do not forget: International health insurance

Despite the greatest caution, a visit to the doctor may be necessary in an emergency. In order to cover this risk, an international health insurance is urgently necessary.

Also recommended is a travel cancellation insurance, which also includes Corona illnesses.

If you travel more frequently, it is worth taking out an annual insurance policy, as this is then cheaper.

One option, for example, is Allianz travel health insurance (also available as a one-off policy) - this includes not only health cover, but also travel cancellation insurance and rental car and baggage insurance.


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