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7 ultimate tips against the travel bug

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

You can't travel as much as you would like to right now? There is still some time left until your next vacation and you are really gripped by travel fever? In this article you will find our ultimate tips against wanderlust.

Tipps gegen Fernweh

1. Recook dishes from your favorite vacation!

What about a Spanish evening at home with delicious paella and wine from your favorite vacation country? Maybe you're craving a completely different treat - the main thing is that you don't miss out on the vacation feeling!

2. Print vacation photos or create your own calendar for the coming year!

Ultimative Tipps gegen Fernweh

Creating a calendar or putting up vacation photos is a lot of fun and let's you travel back to the respective places.

Tom and I, for example, create a calendar every year with our favorite vacation photos. We then always look forward to the next calendar page every month and always like to think back to the beautiful moments from our vacation. In addition, many photos of our trips decorate the walls of our apartment.

For us, this is one of the best ways to overcome wanderlust!

3. Learn a new language!

South America is at the top of your travel list, but you can't go there right now? Well, start learning some Spanish - you'll score points with the locals and do yourself some good, too.

4. Write down a list of travel destinations and sort them by "feasibility"!

Your number 1 destination is not working out right now for various reasons? How about making a list of your top 10 travel destinations and then see which of them can be put into action the fastest. Criteria for a ranking could be e.g. duration of the trip, costs or entry requirements.

...and if you need inspiration for this, we recommend tip 5!

5. Read travel blogs!

Travel blogs always make us dream!

Here you can also find the best tips and tricks for route planning, restaurant recommendations and excursion destinations for future trips.

6. Listen to music from distant countries (combine this tip with tip 1)!

...this can also create a vacation feeling within your home! How about baking pizza while listening to a playlist with Italian music? :-)

7. Take a trip in your region!

Tom's and my home country Germany is a beautiful country for excursions! Most of us have beautiful places around the corner where other people are vacationing! So let's get out there - after all, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad (well you know...).

Ultimative Tipps gegen Fernweh

...and if nothing else helps: book your next trip!

If tips 1 to 7 didn't work and you're desperate for a change of scenery, take your top 10 destinations from tip number 4 and book your next trip (the one that's quickest to put into action)!


What do you do when you get the wanderlust? Leave us your tip in a comment or write us via the contact form!



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